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Pruning and Trimming

Regardless of your trimming needs, we got you covered.  

Clearing buildings and chimneys

Raising canopies

Restoration for damaged ttrees

Restoration of incorrectly trimmed trees

Height reduction*


Cleaning dead wood

Removal of hazard limbs

Fruit tree pruning

*Reductions are per Best Practices, we do not perform topping, without cause.

Tree Removal

With over 30 years of removal experience we can handle any size tree in any condition.  

Direct felling

Piece down

Hazard trees

Crane trees

Emergency trees

Tree extraction from structures

Tree Removal Permit service for Mammoth Lakes

Arial removal

ISA Certified Arborist Services

Having an ISA Certified Arborist consult and perform your tree care insures all work is done to ANSI 300 Tree Care Standards and Best Practices for the safety, health and aesthetics of your trees.  In addition, we are qualified to provide the following arborist services:

Tree Risk Assessment (TRAQ)

Management plans

Level 1-3 assessment inspections

Tree care recommendations


Other Services

We provide many other services..

Stump Grinding



Defensible Space Clearing

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