Tree Removal

We understand that your trees are a part of your landscape.  Removing a tree should cause minimal or no damage to the remaining landscape, driveways, fencing, lawn or sprinkler systems.  If you want it done without damage, give us a call.

We offer full clean up and hauling of slash and logs.  If you prefer us to leave logs, rounds or firewood we can arrange that too.

Eastern Sierra Tree Service has extensive experience in tree removal, including:

  • Large tree removal
  • Hazardous tree removal
  • Removal of difficult trees
  • Helicopter and crane extraction
  • Drop and catch
  • Storm clean up
  • Building extraction
  • Evergreen
  • Deciduous trees

Why some trees need to be removed.

The value of trees has never been more appreciated than it is right now.  Trees are goods for us and they have numerous benefits.  However, they are a living organism and they have a natural life span and should be safely removed before become a hazard.  But in some instances, a healthy tree needs to go too.  This is  especially true in the situations where the tree is a hazard to people, property and the health of other trees.

Common reasons to remove trees include:

  • Dead, declining or dying tree.
  • Diseased or infested  tree.
  • Tree with structural defects that can not be corrected by pruning or cabling.
  • Trees causing or potentially causing structural damage.
  • Trees leaning over structures.
  • Tree damaged due to weather, disease, construction or impact.
  • Fire prevention and reduction of fuel woods.
  • Thinning of groves to improve remaining tree health or prevent spread of disease.
  • Trees with weak limb structure or root development.
  • Removal for construction.
  • Tree is past its production lifespan in the case of fruit or nut trees.
  • Landscape planning, increase species diversity or correction of green infrastructure.
  • Solar exposure and alternative energy installation.

Contact us

For fast, friendly and responsible tree removal call us at 760 934-6142 and we will provide you a free estimate.

or in Bishop, call 760 873-5014.