Tree Risk Assessment

Predicting and Preventing Structural Failure.

Although there are no guarantees that your tree is safe – even healthy trees can fail, tree risk assessment can identify and evaluate trees that are a hazard or at risk for failure.   This cost effective evaluation can identify structurally unsound trees or tree parts, potentially saving you thousands of dollars due to damage and injury and could prevent the loss of the tree.

Tree assessment is a methodical evaluation of a tree, its surrounding and the potential targets if a failure was to occur.  During our evaluation we take a core sample and complete a visual tree inspection to identify:

  • tree species and its risks of structural hazards and  failures.
  • structural defects indicating potential tree and branch failure.
  • current health of the tree, and inspection for pests or disease and decay.
  • environmental conditions that may increase tree stress including construction, injury, or repealed pest attack.
  • the likely direction of failure and potential for damaged or injury if failure occurs.

Using the established methodology, tree risk is estimated and if needed we will outline risk mitigation options to reduce or prevent structural failure.

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